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Ayo Sokale – Living life with purpose

Chartered Civil Engineer | Former Councillor & Deputy Mayor | Presenter & Keynote speaker | ICE President’s Future Leader 2018 |ICE Superhero – Eco Warrior (formerly Eco Angel) | Former Beauty Queen

Welcome to Ayo’s website. Ayo directly translates to ‘Joy’. This is the best description of her. She is joy.

In fact, her first and middle name both mean Joy. So, you can think about her as, Joy^2 (Joy Squared).

The things that bring her joy are…dancing, singing, acting, presenting, working with children, supporting charities & fundraising, modelling, fitness & bio-hacking, fashion, travelling and food. She is also interested in psychology, philosophy, sustainability, esoteric literature and knowledge.

This website will be her sharing all thing Joy and all things Ayo!

She will be using this platform to share her multifaceted life. Connect with her on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Clubhouse to be a part of her one girl revolution.

INSTAGRAM : @officialayosokale amd @ayosokalelabour

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Let’s spread some Joy. X

Thank you so much for coming in to speak to my year group. I have had so much positive feedback from students and teachers alike. You are so inspiring and a fantastic role model.

Miss T, Highdown School

Well, what a wonderful evening you gave us! Who would have thought that sewers could be so 🤔 interesting?  Thank you so much for giving us such an enlightening talk, with excellent slides, clear descriptions and enthusiastic and very knowledgable commentary, plus all those numbers!

Brilliant talk. Ayo was so enthusiastic.

What a wonderful speaker !  Very dynamic, informative and entertaining. No nodding off there.

Last night’s lecture on Bazalgette’s London Sewerage System, which not only was interesting, but was given by one of the most mesmeric speakers we have ever had.  As the speaker was billed as a Civil Engineer, we thought we would be faced with a competent, if rather unexciting middle aged man from the Sewage works.  What we got was a young woman, totally on top of her subject, who spoke very well and surely captivated everyone with her smile, which we thought could light up any lecture theatre, or The London Sewers.  What a role model!

National Trust Marlow Association