Welcome to my website….

Ayo Sokale – Living life with purpose

Civil Engineer | Councillor | Presenter & Public Speaker | ICE President Future Leader 2018 |ICE Superhero – Eco Angel | Former Beauty Queen

My name is Ayo. This directly translates to ‘Joy’. This is the best description of me. I am joy. The things that bring me joy are…dancing, singing, acting, modelling, fundraising, presenting, fashion, travelling and eating. This website will be me sharing all thing Joy and all things me!

I will be using this platform to share my multifaceted life. Connect with me on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter to be a part of my one girl revolution.

INSTAGRAM : @ayosokale

FACEBOOK: @ayosokale

TWITTER: @ayosokale and @ayoCaversham

Let’s spread some Joy. X

Thank you so much for coming in to speak to my year group. I have had so much positive feedback from students and teachers alike. You are so inspiring and a fantastic role model.

Miss T, Highdown School