I was born in Kent, lived in Nigeria, raised in Eastbourne, world traveller, a mix of cultures, inspirations and influences. I am enthusiastic and dedicated to chasing all my passions and I truly believe:

“if your dreams don’t scare you, they are not BIG enough.

I am a Chartered Civil Engineer. I graduated with a Masters in Civil and Coastal Engineering from Plymouth University in 2016.

I was also one of the Institute of Civil Engineering (ICE) President’s Future leaders in 2018. I am one of the ICE’s Water Superheroes, aptly named ‘Eco Angel’

My hobbies have alway being singing, dancing and the performing arts. I have sang in choirs from my school chamber choir to Angelica, a harmony group who raise money for the charity Starlight. I have danced as part of a troupe. I developed my skill through dance , drama and singing classes as well as attending a Saturday stage school for the duration of my education where I had the opportunity to tour in an opera and dance and sing at amazing venues such as Her Majesty’s Theatre London. I later volunteered my time at the stage school where I was once a student as an assistant to the dancing and singing teachers.

During my time at University, I had the opportunity to represent my local community as a beauty queen. I went on to have some success in pageantry winning the titles: ‘Miss Plymouth Galaxy 2012/13’, ‘Miss Sussex 2013’ and Miss East Sussex 2014’.

From this I had the opportunity to model, represent brands and create interesting and innovative imagery. In addition, I used my pageantry as a platform to further my charity work.

I am passionate about sharing my  ideas and unique approach to life through motivational talks and presenting. I am a keen advocate for contributing to local and global communities through charity and community activities.

Chartered Civil Engineer | Labour and Cooperative Councillor for Caversham| Presenter & Public Speaker | ICE President Future Leader 2018 |ICE Superhero – Eco Angel | Former Beauty Queen

Contact me at: asokale93@gmail.com

What would you like to know about me?

Charity work and fundraising has always being a huge part of my life.  I founded an annual charity event in 2015 to raise funds for Derriford Hospital’s Children’s Cancer Service (DCCS).

I’ve also supported other charities, such as Sands, Rainbow Hospice, British Heart Foundation, RSPCA and Prospect Hospice, by running a half marathon, running several boot camps, organising fashion shows, partaking in social enterprise and singing in a harmony group and volunteering at the homeless shelter.

My other passions are: reading interesting books, exploring new foods and when I get the chance, backpacking around the world. So far, I’ve backpacked through India, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, and visited many more countries. I hope to see as much of the world as possible and learn about all the different cultures.

I was women’s officer for the Reading Labour Party. I campaigned in May 2019 Local Government election as a Labour and Cooperative Candidate for Caversham in Reading . I wanted to be a Councillor because I believe I had what it takes to do the job, but furthermore I am focused on helping and transforming the lives of those around me as a Civil engineer, a fundraiser and volunteer. I was successfuly elected (winning the formerly held Conservative council seat) and I am honored to represent residents on the planning application committee (PAC) and Adult Social Care, Children’s Services and Education Committee (ASCE). I also sit on the parenting panel as well as knock on doors, hold surgeries to listen to local residents and lead community campaigns.

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F A Q:

Name: Ayo
Ethnicity: Nigerian
Age: 27
Location: Reading