Civil Engineer

Ayo is a Chartered Civil Engineer and Professionally Qualified Project Manager with 6 years’ experience at the Environment Agency in options appraisal and business cases, managing team, budgets, programmes, supervising the construction of flood storage reservoirs and undertaking engineering design of flood defences. This included secondments to Jacobs and West Berkshire Council.

Her Qualifications, Certificates and Professional Memberships are as follows:
• MEng Civil and Coastal Engineering (University of Plymouth, Devon, UK)
• Chartered Engineer (CEng) MICE – Institution of Civil Engineers
• Association for Project Management’s APM Project Manager Qualification & Member (MAPM)
• Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS) – Academically Qualified person
• Fellow of Royal Society of Arts, Manufacture and Commerce
• CITB Site Management Safety Training Scheme (SMSTS)
• Nominated for the Top 50 Women in Engineering under 35 (WE50) initiative run by The Telegraph in partnership with The Women’s Engineering Society (WES) (June 2017)

She is also a Supervising Civil Engineer taking graduate engineers through the professional development process to achieve their professional qualification. She is an active member of her professional institution, the ICE where she is a member of the ICE Thames Valley, ICE Policy and External Affairs and ICE Communication Committees. In addition, she is a Past President’s Future Leader.

Ayo’s Project CV is vast and diverse. Please see below.

2021-2023Project Manager, Brooklands and Byfleet, Weybridge
Company: Environment Agency
Project Value: TBC
 The project aims to reduce risk of flooding to the community by investigating and developing a technically and economically viable scheme that would reduce the risk of flooding in Weybridge.  Ayo’s role was managing the project from the project need being identified, arranging site meetings, canvassing the views of various stakeholders to effectively develop smart objectives for deliver. She developed the scopes for the consultant contracts and managed their costs, programmes and reporting to the various stakeholders on progress.
2019-2022Project Manager, Bray Mill Weir Replacement, Maidenhead
Company: Environment Agency
Project Value: £2 Million
 The project aim was to replace an existing weir that had reached the end of its life and install an eel pass.  She lead the project team both internal and external, writing the scope for the contract, getting into the contract and managing contracts, programmes, budgets, costs, risks and stakeholders. As the BIM lead, Ayo was responsible for effective implementation and compliance across the Environment Agency’s Collaborative Delivery Framework Eastern Hub (Thames Valley, East Anglia, Herts and North London).
2017-2019Fish Pass Designer, Tumbling Bay Fish Pass, Oxford
Company: Environment Agency
Project Value: £ 300,000  
 The project aim was to facilitate fish migration around two weirs up the Bulstake stream in Oxford.  Ayo was the lead designer, she developed a project brief undertaking a desk-based study, undertaking site visits to other fish pass to consider the various solutions and the site constraints. The design entailed of a sheetpile inlet structure, fish pass by-pass channel, timber footbridges and additional amenities to enhance the site. She used eco-system surveys to evaluate the various options and wrote an option appraisal report and designed a bypass fish pass channel with a gabion in-let structure using the: Fish Pass Manual, Prince 2 System of Management, Eurocode 3, Eurocode 7, CIRIA C760 Guidance on embedded retaining wall design and CDM 2015 Regulations. The project was signed off and constructed. She also undertook project management activities such as liaising with the Council, stakeholders and managing the Public Risk safety.
2018-2019Assistant to PM, Canvey Island Southern Shoreline, Essex
Company: Seconded to Jacobs, TEAM2100
Project Value: £ 20 Million
 The project was a part of TEAM2100 looking to refurbishing assets in Canvey, Essex to provide flood protection to the local community. The project aim was to deliver a flood risk reduction scheme at Canvey Island. Ayo’s role on the project was working with the Project Manager to complete the appraisal report and to produce the Task Order Proposal for acceptance by the Programme Delivery Board (PDB).  The TOP consists of the following documents: Design Execution Plan, Basis of Design, Cost Schedules, Stakeholder Engagement Plan, Programme, Risk Register, Proforma and Appraisal Paper. I coordinated the production of these documents, reviewed the Risk Register and personally created the Programme and Design Execution plan. I created a delivery programme for the Task Order Proposal deliverables and allocated suitable resources to undertake each deliverable. The programme detailed the work status, date for draft submission, date for review, date for final submission and including the BIM Common Data Environment document location. I wrote an appraisal paper (a two- page document summarising the appraisal report) to be sent to various stakeholders.  This was crucial for the Castle Point Council who needed to be convinced of the preferred option.
2018-2019Seconded to Jacobs, TEAM2100
Project Value: £ 308million,
Working across the TEAM2100 programme to quantify the efficiencies associated with adopting the Lean process and making recommendations for improvement and how the programme could achieve best practice.
2017-2018Flood Embankment Designer & Project Manager, Mortimer Flood Embankment, Mortimer Company: Environment Agency
Project Value: £   N/A
 The project aim was to bring a failed food defence asset back to operation. Ayo inspected and surveyed the asset, organised a temporary flood plan, re-designed the failed sections of the earth embankment to Eurocode 7 and worked with the electricity companies to mitigate risk of tree failing onto the power line.
2018Client, AMWELL Armwell End Workshop Refurbishment, HNL
Company: Environment Agency
Project Value: £ 13,117
 The project aim was to refurbish one of the Environment Agency’s workshop.  Ayo was CDM client and followed the Environment’s agency X63 CDM process – appointing the principal designer, designer, contractor, ensuring their skills, knowledge and experience, managing resources, time, provision of welfare and receiving the Health and Safety File.
2017Site Supervisor & Assistant Project Manager, Tull Way Flood Alleviation Scheme, Thatcham Company: Seconded to West Berkshire Council
Project Value: £ 1.2 Million
 The project aim was to build a surface water retaining bund to significantly reduce the flood risk to over 250 properties. As site supervisor her responsibilities were as detailed in the ECC contract, but Ayo also supported the ECC PM in their duties. In summary, she kept site records in the form of a weekly site diary with photographs, maintained the risk register, held the progress meetings, monitored the result of the site tests, ran a project blog, negotiated material, researched alternative spillway vegetation option, reviewed method statement and RAMS, was responsible for the risk register, kept a communication log, organised the project filing system, managed stakeholder, reviewed the programme and informed the application for payments decisions and compensation events. See YouTube Videos on the project here and here.
2017Designer, Enborne Culvert Replacement, Newbury
Company: Seconded to West Berkshire Council
Project Value: £ 6,121   
 She designed a 225mm diameter Cast Iron Pipe underneath Enborne Street to improve the flow and headwall structures. She completed the Bills of quantities using the Highways works Method of measurement and sent invitation to tender to local contractors via the Council’s portal.  
2016-17Project Manager, Abingdon Flood Alleviation Scheme, Abingdon
Company: Environment Agency
Project Value: £ 5 Million
 The Abingdon Flood Alleviation Scheme was a package of projects – St Helen’s Mill and River Ock Flood Storage Area. As project manager, she led a team of consultant, contractor, land agent and internal advisors to deliver the flood wall at St Helens Mill and progressed the Ock flood storage up to the strategic outline case. To do this, she managed the budget, procured the contractor, reviewed design, produced communication for the public and wrote the business case.  See Press Release here.
2016-17Assistant Project Manager, Oxford Flood Alleviation Scheme, Oxford
Company: Environment Agency
Project Value: £ 120 Million
 The Oxford flood alleviation scheme is a two-stage channel to makes more space for water to flow during flooding. In her role as assistant project manager, Ayo led the assurance and approval workstream and supported BIM implementation.  See YouTube Video on the project here.
2012-13Role: Undergraduate Civil Engineer, Industrial Placement (13 months)
Company: Halcrow, a CH2MHILL (now Jacobs)  
 Littlehampton Arun Tidal Defence East Bank, West Sussex, England. The project was a tidal defence for the Environment Agency (£12 million). Ayo designed the retaining wall structure according to the BS 6349 British standard for maritime design. She checked her colleague’s calculation, schedule of drawings, longitude of length of bars, the length/number of links and the notes and details on the drawings.
Broomhill Sands, East Sussex. The project was a Rock Revetment design. She carried out the design of the rock revetment undertaking stability checks in deep and shallow water, overtopping checks and scour at the toe of the structure. She used the In-house software Sands to locate the lowest point on the coast to place the rock revetment.
Felixstowe – Berth Extension. The project was developing a 3rd terminal in the port. She supported the production of design drawings, specification, bills of quantities and undertook the calculations of the reclamation/fill required for the finger quay extension and the back-water region.
Greenport.  The project was a port project in Hull.  The role of Halcrow was to provide the tender design for the client ABP and BAM Nuttal. She carried out the design of Rock Revetment Scour Protection using the EAU Recommendation of the committee for the waterfront structures harbours and waterways and PIANC guidance, specifying the: diameter of the rock required, layer thickness, the filter underlayer required as well as detailing the feasibility of the mattress fabrication, installation and placement.
Teesport, River Tees, Middleborough. The project was to upgrade and deepen the existing 50-year-old berth to accommodate larger vessels. The role of Halcrow was to undertake the outline design. She designed the fenders that goes along the quay wall that take the impact from the vessel berthing impact according to BS6349: Part 4 code of practice for maritime structure and with reference to Marcom report WG 33 guidelines for the design of fender system 2002.   
RVCP – Royal Victoria Country Park, Hampshire, Southampton. CH2MHILL was commissioned  to undertake the study of the sea defence wall (cantilever and anchored) which runs along the frontage.  She undertook the visual inspection along the 500m span of wall measuring the sheet pile thickness and using Prosheet to create a model to calculate the length of sheet pile needed.
Queen’s Beach Montenegro, Bar – Marina Design. The project included a new specialised terminal for general liquid, bulk and container cargo. She calculated the length of the pontoon and the separation for the port layout using the Australian standard.
Royhill, Australia. The project was a new fuel terminal at Royhill.  Ayo designed a horizontal wave deck, calculating the wave load on the proposed decks for 4 different situations: two different return periods (1 in 25 years and the 1 in 100 year) and the two level of deck (+5mOD and the +6mOD). Through this project she had discussion on the best approach: probabilistic or deterministic design and how to design an open grated deck which was not specified within the guide “piers, jetties and retained structure exposed to waves, guideline for hydraulic loading”.  She used Mathcad and excel to carry out the wavelength calculation producing innovative solutions to technical issues such as the open grating and the air pocket between the waterlevel and the deck. She also created a Mathcad template calculation to save time and manage resources and a long term standardised template for such a project.
Tema Port, South East of Ghana. The project was for the expansion of a container port built in 1960 to make it suitable for the traffic expected at port and the addition of 2 new berths. Ayo calculated the material of armour layer, filter layer and the core material needed for the quay structure construction and new crown wall in term of reclamation, pavement.  She carried out the Cost estimate, quantifying material and decide the rates and the impact of inflation to estimate the overall project cost for the duration of the construction.
Samalaju, Malaysia. The client was the Sarawai state government. Halcrow were employed to undertake the port layout. Ayo designed the Fender for a Panamax and handysize vessel berthing for normal and abnormal berthing energy.
Carr’s Bay Port Development, Monserrat. The project was the expansion of the existing ports. She designed 30tonne and 300 tonne bollards. This project inspired her Master’s Dissertation ‘Investigation into the scour at Quay walls and scour protection with the increased use of Azipods’ which she commenced on her placement to CH2MHILL (then Halcrow). Her Dissertation was selected for the BURC – British Undergraduate Research Council and she presented her research at the conference.
2011Role: Undergraduate Civil Engineer, Summer Placement (2 months)
Project Value: £20 Million
 Regeneration of the Brighton open market site. The project was built residential and mixed development. Ayo assisted the site engineer setting out. carried out concrete cube tests, observed non-destructive testing on concrete piles and inspected the rebar prior to every pour as well as checking the cover achieved afterward was according to the British standards. She managed drawings on site, prepared site documents for NHSB inspection and BREEAM assessment and took my CSCS qualification.
2009Role: Summer Placement Student (2 weeks)
Company:  EAR Sheppard Civil and Structural Consulting Engineers
 During this placement, Ayo surveyed on site, create property plan in Autocad and observed the tendering process.