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Ayo has also contributed to following publications:

  1. In Plain Sight: assuring the whole-life safety of infrastructure. Following the Grenfell disaster, the Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE) commissioned the ‘In Plain Sight report’ to review lessons for Civil Engineers in order to fully understand the potential vulnerabilities in our economic infrastructure. Ayo contribution on “In Plain Sight” was with the Competence working group. She undertook a literature review which fed into the final report . Her review outlined how competence is assured in Civil Engineering in other countries and in the medical profession, to learn from best practice. It was part of her contributing improvements to wider industry in the wake of the high-profile structural failure of Grenfell Tower.
  2. She worked on the “State of the Nation Report” on “Infrastructure Investment”. The state of the Nation 2018: Infrastructure Investment explores opportunities to improve the flow of investment and examines funding mechanisms to ensure that affordable infrastructure is viable long into the future. The State of the Nation 2018 makes eight recommendations for government to consider. As Lord Robert Mair’s ICE Future leader she sat on the steering group for the State of the nation report 2018 and wrote the literature review to support the reports production.