Thanks to all those who joined my Instagram Live on Wednesday and those who contributed during and afterwards with ideas for practical action. I am keen to maintain the energy from then and to achieve long-term, lasting change for black people. I would like to summarise the key actions whilst also signposting to existing resources … Continue reading BLACK LIVES MATTER!!

Ayo Sokale – Council Candidate 2019

Ayo is a Civil Engineer and is passionate about the transformative power of engineering to change. She shares this passion through mentoring programmes. Ayo proactively seeks to make a positive contribution to her community by volunteering and charity work. In the past, Ayo has run a half marathon, run several boot camps for charity, founded a beauty pageant, … Continue reading Ayo Sokale – Council Candidate 2019

How to be a Councillor & Magistrate?

In light of the 'Black Lives Matter' movement, many black people are wondering how to they influence real change in their communities. Together, Gina Knight and I discuss the role of a Councillor and a Magistrate to encourage the uptake of these roles for Black people and the larger BAME communities. Instagram Live with … Continue reading How to be a Councillor & Magistrate?