Former Councillor & Deputy Mayor

Ayo was selected as a candidate for Caversham in 2018, and elected a councillor for Caversham in 2019. In a three year term till Mayor 2022. She was appointed Deputy Mayor November 2021, a role she held till the end of her elected term. This page contains blogs post and updates from elected term.

Ayo is honoured to represent Caversham as a Labour and Cooperative Councillor and is thankful to everyone who voted in the local elections (02.05.19), whoever they voted for as she believe it’s so important to take part in democracy. See the election results here

She is excited to continue actively working for the community.  Blogging is one of the ways she will share her activities as your councillor.

What does Ayo stand for?IMG-20190403-WA0001

Committees & Panels 

Councillors sit on committees and panels representing the local communities they represent. Ayo sits on the following:

  1. Planning Application Committee – Vice Chair (Held Role May 2019- May 2021)

The Planning Applications Committee is set up under Sections 101 and 102 of the Local Government Act 1972, to be responsible for all functions relating to town and country planning and development control specified in the Local Authorities (Functions and Responsibilities) Regulations, 2000, and other functions indicated in the table in Part 3 of the Constitution.

2. Adult Social Care, Children’s Services and Education Committee (May 2019- Current)

The Adult Social Care, Children’s Services and Education Committee is responsible for the statutory and non-statutory functions relating to Adult Social Care, Children’s Services, Education and Health and setting the policy framework for those functions for which the Committee is responsible.

3. Parenting Panel (May 2019 – May 2021)

A panel to address the needs of looked after children in Reading Borough Council

4. Housing, Neighbourhoods and Leisure Committee (May 2021 – Current)

The Housing, Neighbourhoods and Leisure Committee is responsible for place” services of the authority – Environment & Consumer Services; Housing; Licensing; Neighbourhoods and Community Services, Community Safety

·       Recreation; Arts and Cultural Services

·       Green and clean environment – streetcare, parks and sport

·       Crime and disorder scrutiny

·       Partnerships: Community Safety and Neighbourhood Action Groups, waste disposal (Re3)

5. AWE Local Liason Committee (May 2019-May 2021)

6. Investigating and Disciplinary Committee (May 2021 – Current)

To deal with disciplinary matters relating to the Head of Paid Service (Chief Executive), the Section 151 Officer (Executive Director of Resources) and the Monitoring Officer (Assistant Director of Legal and Democratic Services) (‘relevant officers’), including the authority:

  • To implement sanctions other than dismissal of a ‘relevant officer’, including suspension;
  • To make representations to the Independent Panel in the event the Committee makes a recommendation to dismiss a ‘relevant officer’.

For more information on committees, please see Reading Borough Council Page here.

Watch this space for updates on Cllr Sokale activities. 

Councillor Blog posts:

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