Sustainability & Plastic Free Caversham


Ayo is a passionate advocate for sustainability and the environment, and has promoted this in the roles she has undertaken from being an elected Labour and Cooperative Councillor for Caversham to professionally as a chartered civil engineer.

Plastic Free Caversham (PFC)

Ayo Co-founded the Plastic Free Caversham Group in 2019 constituency bringing residents and businesses together to drive for single use plastic free status under the ‘Surfer against Sewers’ (SAS) guideline and playing a huge part in Reading’s resource strategy with ReadingCan. Plastic Free Caversham is a leading the way and the ultimate aim is to extend this work to achieve Plastic Free Reading accreditation for the town as a whole. These objective are describe in the ‘Reading Climate Emergency Strategy 2020-25 here. Plastic Free Caversham (PFC) worked to gain allies to join them in this plastic free fight. These allies then committed to change three single use plastic items for a sustainable alternative and signed up as community ally under the SAS Scheme. PFC achieved their goal of Plastic Free Accreditation in May 2022.

Plastic Free Caversham have fund-raised for a refill station that will be installed in Caversham Summer 2022 in partnership with Thames Water.

To find out more, see Plastic Free Caversham Facebook page here.

ReadingCAN Resources and Consumption Theme Lead, Paul Ducker at Reading Climate Action Network wrote an article on the work of Plastic Free Caversham in contributing to Reading’s reduction of consumption. Read it here.

Sustainability YouTube Series

Ayo also runs a YouTube series on sustainability and the three pillars of sustainability (Economic, Environmental and Social).She is currently developing the next series on ‘Capitalism’ and ‘Environmental Injustice’. Watch this space. 

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