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Civil Engineering

  1. Could you be a Civil Engineer?
  2. Are you Flood Ready?


  1. Beauty pageants
  2. How to engage with your communities      (Case study: Miss Plymouth Sweetheart)


  1. The art of the white t-shirt
  2. Desiree Iyama


  1. Loving me – natural hair
  2. Discovering My Natural Hair


  1. Recipe: ‘Vegan Hot chocolate’
  2. Recipe: Vegan Curried Bean
  3. Recipe: Vegan Cauliflower BBQ “Wings”
  4. Vegan Winter Warmer
  5. Vegan Almond Chocolate Cookies
  6. Coconut Lentil Curry


  1. India 2017
  2. India PART 2
  3. Exploring Rome – Travel and Food

Life Coaching

  1. My Month Unplugged
  2. Creating a Life with Purpose
  3. But you are already worthy
  4. You are not a Robot – Staying Mentally Healthy
  5. Bio-hacking your health
  6. Why I am ditching the Vegan Label?


  1. Review: All things Vegan (1)

Labour and Cooperative Councillor for Caversham 

  1. Vote for Ayo (Election Campaign 2019)
  2. You elected me.. What’s next?