We can all have a positive impact

A few years ago, I visited Gandhi’s first Asharam in India located in Ahmedabad. It was thought provoking experience and something I have being reflecting on recently. To me it was simply evidence of the change and impact that is possible in one lifetime.

I would like to share this lesson with you all. Some of Gandhi’s acheivments:

-Breaking chains of oppression

-Inspiring generations of people

-Providing for the poor

-Strengthening his people and winning their independence

The biggest achievement for me is how his ideas have had such worldwide impact and changed whole nations who adopted peaceful protest and his philosophies.

Can you imagine a world without Gandhi?!

I can’t because he created such a domino effect. We all create domino effects knowingly or unknowingly.

I challenge you to own your impact. Practice self disclipine, expand your mind, be the change you want to see in  the world.

Don’t let self doubt and inaction rid the world of the next great school of thought.

We are all human and that makes us imfailable, imperfect and time limitied.  But we can all bring about change.

The world needs your positive change. It needs all our positive change.

Live, Learn, Grow and have a positive impact.

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