Loving me – natural hair

Growing up in a Nigerian household, I remember sitting down on Sunday afternoons to have my hair styled into cornrows (cornrows are plaits that are close to the scalp).

These would last for around two week and the cycle would be repeated. Then towards the end of secondary school, I had my hair relaxed (chemically straightened), and on entering university I alternated with weaves or relaxed styles.

On going natural, I discovered braids and I am now the biggest fan. However, this all means I don’t often see my natural hair out. So, I am really excited to unveil the un-coiffed me.

Please be nice!


Look forward to hearing from you and hearing your own hair history.

Please feel free to contact me to share how you style your natural hair and your favourite products. I would be happy to do product reviews.


One thought on “Loving me – natural hair

  1. Olaide says:

    Beauty is who you are + your character. Your joyful laugh,smile plus natural hair makes you the most beautiful lady I’ve ever seen.

    I’ve never added chemical to my hair as a male.

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