My Month Unplugged

So I started 2018 with a month long social media detox. I found it so rewarding that I had to share my experience and recommend it.

I deleted the following apps and banned all usage of these platforms for a month.

  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Facebook messenger
  • Pinterest

I didn’t delete Snapchat, mostly because I didn’t think about it at the time. This was simply because I don’t use it. I also kept LinkedIn as I use it for work.

During my month unplugged I learnt a lot. My favourite thing was life without constant distraction and notifications. Social media felt like a constant companion shouting for immediate attention and making demands.

If social media was a person we may deem them a toxic friend and cut ties. So the relationship we all establish with social media is odd.

After seeing the impact of a life without social media this past month, I definitely gained an awareness of the impact of the constant use of social media.

My key success measures

  • I slept better.
  • I read on average each week 2.5 books.
  • I removed myself from other people’s competition and focused on the one with myself.
  • I eradicated the mood swings caused by constant self-comparisons and the barrage of other opinions thrust in my face.
  • I extended my attention span because I could complete tasks without the constant distraction of social media notifications.
  • I ended days with my to do list complete and time left over.

I might even extend that to say I was happier because all of my time was going directly into achieving my goals. On reflection, it seems odd that the first and last thing we see each day are often other people’s lives and opinions. People whom we may not even talk to or have relationships with, yet our closest family and friends may not even get out full attention. What was most odd is that I realised that the people I thought that mattered to me were only connected via social media not by phone or any real interpersonal relationships. It was a fast food relationship- convenient but at the end of the day it left me unsaited.

Now What?

After this month, the idea of going back to what I had before seems nonsensical. I am coming back to social media but it will be a planned activity similar to how I plan what I eat, my activities and anything that impacts my health and wellbeing.

My relationship with social media will BE on my terms. 

Because it really does impact our lives. I am going to schedule time to use social media and not use it outside the scheduled time. I will also remove all push notifications so I don’t feel constantly distracted.

So in short  my return to the matrix will be controlled, measured and part of a calorie controlled diet.

Hope you enjoyed my ramblings. Why not try going unplugged

I challenge you!


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