Review: All things Vegan (1)

This christmas, my lovely sisters gifted me a vegan treat box of yummy treats and conscious beauty products.


I will be reviewing these in this blog post.

I had a great time enjoying all my vegan treats and trialing my new beauty products. I hope you find my review of them useful.

-Seggiano Smooth Dark Chocolate Organic hazelnut spread. In my almond cookie blog post (here) I talk about missing Nutella, well, the Seggiano hazelnut spread is the Vegan’s answer to Nutella. To be honest, I might say its better than nutella for me as although it’s sweet it’s made of dark chocolate. I recently discovered Venchi Chocolate on my trip to Rome here but I can’t pick a winner between these two. The Seggiano is available online on their website, planet organic and Waitrose.

-Raw Health Organic Cacao and Brazil Chocolate spread. I did not like this spread as it was very oily and the texture was very gritty.  However, if this is your thing you can get it at Holland & Barrett.

-Vego Hazelnut chocolate bar. This tasted like a real chocolate bar and it was yummy and crunchy. Only downside was it could have done with more nuts! However, I liked it and you can get yours at Holland and Barrett.

– Booja Booja Chocolate Truffles. The chocolate truffle was rich and a perfect after dinner treat. Nothing like a dark chocolate truffle to end a meal.  You can get this online here or in store at Waitrose.

-Keep it raw Organic Raw Choco Mylk bar. For such a small bar, this lasted 2 months as I could only manage a small bite at a time. It is has a nice rich dark chocolate flavour. You can get yours here.

-Loving Earth Salted Caramel Swayzee. I didn’t like this and would not recommend it. The half eaten bar is still in my snack draw. However, feel free to try it for yourself.

-Loving Earth  Salted Caramel Chocolate. This chocolate was a straight up ‘No’ from me and really just reminded me of soap. I personally wouldn’t recommend it.

-Pana Chocolate Sour Cherry and Vanilla. The Chocolate Cherry Pana was a unusual treat as it’s quite different from what i usually eat, but it was enjoyable even though it was a little tarte.  Pana have loads of different flavours in their range and I plan on checking them out.  I also love how its organic, handmade, raw, vegan and gluten free. Though, most importantly its fair trade – I am a true believer in supporting ethical products and brands so I will keep buying such product in the future.  Check them out here.

-Rebel Kitchen Chocolate Mylk.  This was so lovely , I mean who doesn’t like chocolate milk.  You can get  your stash of chocolate milk from Waitrose, Sainsburys or online.

-Body shop hemp hand and nail set . This has being so needed in the recent cold weather as it is really nourishing for frozen fingers. In fact, I am all out and will be getting some more but when I head to the nearest body shop. I might try out their various other hand cream and nail sets as the hemp version is really strong smelling and at times made me feel nauseous.

-Urban Decay Urban Travel Lockdown Duo – Primer and setting spray.  Without a blow up image of my face there is no other way to explain the finish achieved when using the primer and setting spray. I personally use a CC cream as opposed to foundation for regular wear and I found the combo of the primer and setting spray gave a foundation finish whilst maintaining light use of make-up.

-Urban Decay Liquid Aura Illuminating Mix in Medium.  I really like mixing this illuminating medium in my CC cream and it gave me a dewy, glowy look perfect for spring and summer time. I can’t wait to use this daily for my summer look.

 Most of the these treats can be found in Holland & Barretts, Planet Organic and Waitrose and the make-up from urban decay online or in store.

My top picks are the Seggiano Smooth Dark Chocolate Organic hazelnut spread and the Vego whole hazelnut chocolate bar. They are simply delicious and make you feel like you are not missing out on anything by being vegan so win-win!!

This is not a sponsored blog post. It is simply my honest review on some vegan products. I would love to hear your thoughts on what you liked and your recommendations for other vegan products I can try.

Till next time… Stay sweet 🙂

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