But you are already worthy

I was thinking on my commute this week. What would life look like if everyone knew that they were worthy and worth it?

I am talking about low self-esteem, bad self imagery and negative self talk.

Low self-esteem can look different for everyone. Its hyping yourself to get through the day but internally not believing it. A common statement is ‘fake it to you make it’. But how about work on it till you truly believe it and are it?

For example, have you ever received accolades, friends saying how great you are or your partner telling you are beautiful and you can not see it and it does not ring true.

This means you are then often being hard on yourself and overcompensating. This can be very energy intensive and make you question how long you have to fake it and perform for.

I recommend investing time in yourself and changing the negative self talk that does not match up with reality. Here are my 5 tips.

  1. Honestly list your positive attributes – what you are good at, your achievements, your personality traits
  2. Spend time to reflect and be grateful for these and then write this list somewhere you can see it daily. (I write mine on my mirror in marker pen so I have to see it every day
  3. Honestly list your negative attributes. Keep it honest and clear and do not start listing things that are not true.
  4. Then using this negative list – create a plan of how you can improve this e.g. if one of your issues was health and fitness then a clear, manageable plan to address this is best. And reach out to an expert in your life on this to support you. This process of being vulnerable with others about your weakness will build stronger links and of course, you benefit from their expertise to get better.

I think part of getting over negative self talk – is actually being aware of your real weakness and addressing them.

  • Implement daily time to prep for the day and also reflect on this day. I recommend journaling to draw thought out into a logical sequence to reduce emotion taking over and feeling unnecessarily down on yourself.
  • Never be afraid to talk about how you feel. Find some people you can trust and tell them how you feel.

I hope this helps. I would love to see a world where people know they are already worthy and do the incredible things they are capable of when we break the shackles of negative self talk, low self-esteem and have open discourse.

I hope this blog post helps and I look forward to hearing from you all.

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