Beauty pageants

My first pageant was Miss Galaxy back in 2012 where I represented Plymouth. Looking back at my first pageant where I was a complete novice, I have learnt a lot and since then I have worked with some amazing stylists, dress companies and developed my style…

More importantly to me, pageants have provided an amazing platform to really support local charity and causes I care about.

During my pageant time, I participated in the following systems: Miss Galaxy, Miss Great Britain and Miss Earth. These were completely different systems looking for different requirements.

I held the following titles:

  • Miss Plymouth Galaxy 2012/13
  • Miss Sussex 2013
  • Miss Earth South East
  • Miss Earth East Sussex 2014/15

Though pageant may seem so different from my profession, I learnt some many useful skills that enable me to be the competent and capable professional I am today.


1. Preparation – The moment on stage is short but the coaching, volunteering, raising money, appearances, raising awareness for your platform, gym training is long. I learned the importance of preparation and building a foundation to win the title. This can be transferred to most jobs and any dreams you wish to pursue.

2. Perseverance – It taught me failure is not the end. You have to try and try again and be gracious at the end of the day.

3. Inspirational People – I met some inspirational people who have inspired me to raise my standard and in turn I have being able to mentor and encourage others.

4. Diversity of hobbies – The talent round on the contest caused me to work and develop my skill set to perform a talent segment.

5. Interview Skills – A pageant is a giant interview and taught me to always be prepared for life’s interviews.

6. Confidence – I learned about the importance of loving yourself and all the things that make you who you are.

7. Opportunities – It’s given me the opportunity to experience different things and meet fantastic people.

My Beauty Queen Role models:

  • Aishwarya Rai – Miss World 1994, Bollywood star and brought Bollywood to the West starring in the intersectional movie ‘Bride and Prejudice’. Most importantly she is so active as a Goodwill Ambassador for the joint United Nations programme on aids (UNAIDS).
  • Priyanka Chopra – I am inspired by the way she chased her dreams from Miss world to Modelling, Bollywood movies, music and achieving Hollywood success. I am especially impressed by her work as a UNICEF Ambassador on the mission for children.

I am inspired by women who use beauty to create change and influence the world for better. I aspire to make such changes myself.

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