Cllr Sokale โ€“ October 2021 update

Council Committees Since my last update, I have been attending the committeeโ€™s in which I represent residents on, these are primarily on the following committees; Adult social care, children's services and educationHousing, Neighbourhood and Leisure Image of me attending ASCE. I thanked RBH for their work throughout the pandemic and their impressive progress on adopting … Continue reading Cllr Sokale โ€“ October 2021 update

Ayo Sokale – Council Candidate 2019

Ayo is a Civil Engineer and is passionate about the transformative power of engineering to change. She shares this passion through mentoring programmes. Ayo proactively seeks to make a positive contribution to her community by volunteering and charity work. In the past, Ayo has run a half marathon, run several boot camps for charity, founded a beauty pageant, … Continue reading Ayo Sokale – Council Candidate 2019