Recipe: Vegan Curried Bean

A few weeks ago I was at dinner at my aunts and we made the most amazing curried bean so I thought I would share its yummy goodness with you all. Ingredients: • Beans • 1tsp Oil • 1tsp Cumin seeds • 1 Red Onion • 3 cloves garlic • 1tsp minced ginger • 1tsp … Continue reading Recipe: Vegan Curried Bean


Recipe: ‘Vegan Hot chocolate’

Feels like *winter is coming* (Game of Throne reference) and my favourite cosy treat in the evening is a hot chocolate drink. My favourite recipe for this is: • Cocoa Powder – I recommend Cadbury Fair-trade Bourneville Cocoa powder • Milk Alternative – Alpro Hazelnut Milk. It just adds this extra depth of nutty goodness … Continue reading Recipe: ‘Vegan Hot chocolate’