Ayo Sokale – Council Candidate 2019

Ayo is a Civil Engineer and is passionate about the transformative power of engineering to change. She shares this passion through mentoring programmes. Ayo proactively seeks to make a positive contribution to her community by volunteering and charity work.

In the past, Ayo has run a half marathon, run several boot camps for charity, founded a beauty pageant, partaken in social enterprises, organised fashion shows and community events all to support a number of charity such as; Sands, Rainbow Hospice, British Heart Foundation, RSPCA, Prospect hospice and Derriford Children Cancer Service. In the role of Women’s officer for the Reading Labour Party, she supports Labour members in achieving their desired outcomes.

In Caversham, Ayo have been out knocking on doors, listening to local residents. She campaigned to retain an alternative post office in Caversham on the closure of Day Lewis Pharmacy in January. See the Petition here: https://www.change.org/p/paula-vennells-protect-caversham-s-local-post-office

Ayo has asked question to Reading Borough Council’s Policy committee advocating for their support for the:

1) Unite the Union’s period poverty campaign

2) The Red box project which provides free menstrual products in schools

3) To investigate the possibility of providing free menstrual products in the workplace.

Following which, she worked with the Red Box Project to bring a collection point to Caversham. See press here: 


On the (11.03.19), Ayo asked a question to Reading Borough Council’s Policy Committee about impact of the 8% cuts per pupil to school funding. Its really alarming to hear the extent of these cuts in Reading totalling £4.9 million between 2015 and 2020 – £281 per pupil with rising class sizes. She was assured that education is a priority for Reading Borough Council despite these national cuts.

She stood alongside the Reading East MP Matt Rodda, Cllr Richard Davies and Cllr Adele Barnett-Ward calling for more support for maintained nurseries. See press here: 


Ayo want to be your Labour councillor because she believe she has what it takes to do the job, but furthermore is focused on helping and transforming the lives of those around her as a Civil engineer, a fundraiser and volunteer and hopefully now as your Labour councillor. 

She intends to use this unique platform to ensure your voice is heeded, your needs are met and together we can create a smart and sustainable Reading for the many and not the few.  

If elected, she will be a continue to be a champion for the whole community in Caversham leaving unheard, unrepresented and unengaged.

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